Being a Music Therapist with Shortcomings

Working in mental health, I don’t disclose a lot of personal information about myself to my patients. This population already deals with a mixed-up understanding of personal boundaries. It’s part of who I am as a therapist to define what I do or do not reveal about myself that keeps these boundaries therapeutic. The question IContinue reading “Being a Music Therapist with Shortcomings”

The Music Therapy Avant-garde

In the field of music therapy, we often feel separated from other music therapists due to geography, individually pioneering new programs, or because of the nature of contract and private practice work. It is rare when we are all able to come together and share ideas, challenges, and barriers to our work. It is even moreContinue reading “The Music Therapy Avant-garde”

Iso-Principle in “Inside Out”

Over my Christmas holiday, I re-watched the Pixar movie “Inside Out” with my family. I saw the movie back in June when it first came out in theaters and, of course, loved it. I was in awe of its complexities and the profound discussion about emotions, the brain, and personalities. But there is so muchContinue reading “Iso-Principle in “Inside Out””

Change the Way You Think about Mental Health

With my new job, I’ve certainly been in the thick of things related to mental health. Working in healthcare related to psychiatric disorders is fascinating, as each day and experiences are fairly different. Although a patient might come into the hospital with the same diagnosis as another patient, their symptoms and traits might be veryContinue reading “Change the Way You Think about Mental Health”

What’s The Worry About “Balance”?

Three weeks ago, I started a new job. Three weeks ago, I started grad school. Three weeks ago, I stopped sleeping. (Not really, but I certainly don’t get the same amount as I used to). While adjusting to all these new changes, I’ve been thinking about the ways in which I am supposed to “balance”Continue reading “What’s The Worry About “Balance”?”

The Importance of Inspiration

This past week was one that I would consider to be emotionally and intellectually overwhelming – in the best of ways. I took a trip up to Boston to begin my orientation and introduction to the Master of Arts in Music Therapy program at Berklee College of Music. When I left home, my stomach wasContinue reading “The Importance of Inspiration”

Accepting Defeat

How do you practice self-care during the days when you feel defeated? This used to be in easier answer when I was younger and I could answer in a heartbeat: music. Duh. Music was my strongest outlet of emotional expression, social connection, and way to analyze the confusion of growing up. Now, however, music is my professional life. ThisContinue reading “Accepting Defeat”

The Truth About Session Planning

I must admit, before this winter, I had not session planned the old fashioned way in quite some time. Meaning, I actually planned ahead in advance what I was going to do moment-to-moment in my session. I had not done this in a long time as I had been in the medical and hospice settingContinue reading “The Truth About Session Planning”

Balancing Our Thoughts

Every so often, it’s exciting to reflect on how my skills as a music therapist have changed from student, to intern, to new professional. Luckily, I can clearly see progress and improvement throughout the years. Today was one of those days where I was both proud of, and discouraged by, my abilities to conduct a successful groupContinue reading “Balancing Our Thoughts”