For Music Therapy Students: Building a Resume

When I was an intern looking at job applications and attempting to prepare myself for the workforce, I was at a loss with how to prepare. I did not feel there were many resources available to music therapy students in order to figure out where to find jobs, at what point we should start looking,Continue reading “For Music Therapy Students: Building a Resume”

Contrary to Music Therapy

As a music therapist: I strive to be: sensitive, empathetic, focused, aware, a listener, compassionate, willing, encouraging, seeking, building rapport, and pursuing. I challenge myself to be: knowledgeable, helpful, understanding, intelligent, flexible, a great musician, and therapeutic. I envision being: a leader, teacher, colleague, implementer, resource, expert, and team member. I work to display theseContinue reading “Contrary to Music Therapy”

Discovering What is Next

Since posting about my TEDx talk last month, I have been asking myself a lot lately, “what is next”? I haven’t been thinking about this in existential terms, or even in terms related to my life goals, but instead looking more deeply into my work as a music therapist. It has even been difficult to pinpointContinue reading “Discovering What is Next”