Back to School: A Music Therapy Student Series: Pediatric Music Resources

There are 4 key points that I frequently teach music therapy interns during the first half of their internship. These are points that can be embraced by interns in any type of internship setting, but may directly apply more to those working with children. #1: Pediatric Music Resources Often when students arrive to internship, theContinue reading “Back to School: A Music Therapy Student Series: Pediatric Music Resources”

Mental Health Session Ideas #4

Last week, I posted some additional therapeutic revolution ideas for the mental health settings. Read below for some more of my original and adapted ideas. THERAPEUTIC REVOLUTION #17 “Mood Playlists“ Goals: Elevate mood; increase positive coping skills; increase emotional awareness; increase mood regulation Therapeutic Revolution: I borrowed this idea from a colleague, and adapted herContinue reading “Mental Health Session Ideas #4”

Mental Health Session Ideas #3

It’s been a busy year for me, despite having finished my masters degree. I took on some additional non-music therapy related projects at work, which took most of my creative juices, but I’ve still been hit with the occasional “revolution-ary” idea for session plans and therapeutic revolutions. I’ve found that session ideas have proven toContinue reading “Mental Health Session Ideas #3”

Mental Health Session Ideas #2

It’s been a few months since I’ve shared some original intervention ideas for mental health. Within the music therapy world, we don’t often have the opportunity to share ideas and build off of one another. I think it’s important to create a resource for other music therapists to see each other’s work and ideas, whichContinue reading “Mental Health Session Ideas #2”

Mental Health Session Ideas

It’s been awhile since I posted any new session ideas or resources for interventions. Last time I showcased some ideas, I was working primarily with clients with developmental disabilities. Now that I’m working full-time in mental health care, my thought processes have changed a bit. Below are some ideas I have had a lot ofContinue reading “Mental Health Session Ideas”

Resources That Are Working

A.K.A. My shoutout to Pinterest I know that it’s been summer for awhile now, and that actually, it’s beginning to draw to a close, but “summer” (or vacation) has just begun for me. The last couple of weeks have been mildly chaotic (in my brain) between trying to rearrange schedules with clients, adding more clientsContinue reading “Resources That Are Working”

Interventions That Are Working

In the past couple of months I’ve settled into a bit of a rhythm with my group sessions at the developmental disabilities agency. The clients who participate in music therapy choose to do so each week by signing up the day before. They are free to attend every week but they aren’t required to. I’ve receivedContinue reading “Interventions That Are Working”

Some Original Intervention Ideas

During the past month, I’ve really been trying to create at least one original intervention/song for my sessions with my adults with IDD. Mostly, this is due to the fact that I’ve been trying to revamp my sessions and work on appropriate goals with these particular clients (which I’ve already hashed out in this blog post). WhenContinue reading “Some Original Intervention Ideas”