Your Ideas Are Worth Something

I had an opportunity recently to listen to to a talk by Ira Glass about his work in journalism and in telling stories. I’ve been a fan of “This American Life” for a number of years, especially during my time working in hospice care and needing something other than music to listen to during myContinue reading “Your Ideas Are Worth Something”

For Music Therapy Students: Building a Resume

When I was an intern looking at job applications and attempting to prepare myself for the workforce, I was at a loss with how to prepare. I did not feel there were many resources available to music therapy students in order to figure out where to find jobs, at what point we should start looking,Continue reading “For Music Therapy Students: Building a Resume”

Be the Expert in Your Own Thinking

Recently, I went back and began to re-read older posts of mine, surprising myself with some of my own words of advice that I had forgotten over the last year of blogging. I found that many posts surprised me so much that I almost didn’t believe I wrote them, just because they still applied to manyContinue reading “Be the Expert in Your Own Thinking”

How to Become a Music Therapist

As a result of my TEDx talk, I’ve received emails from a lot of people asking me how they can become a music therapist or go about a career change. What an awesome response from people! Initially, I attempted to respond to each email, but realized this is probably a better platform to answer those questions. So, ifContinue reading “How to Become a Music Therapist”

A Day in the Life of a Psychiatric Music Therapist

Recently, it came to my attention that unless you are a music therapist, or you’ve worked with one, you are likely to have no idea what a typical day looks like in our work. [Thanks for the inspiration, Bob]! Today, I had the pleasure of attempting to photo document what I look like as I goContinue reading “A Day in the Life of a Psychiatric Music Therapist”

Discovering What is Next

Since posting about my TEDx talk last month, I have been asking myself a lot lately, “what is next”? I haven’t been thinking about this in existential terms, or even in terms related to my life goals, but instead looking more deeply into my work as a music therapist. It has even been difficult to pinpointContinue reading “Discovering What is Next”

5 Considerations When Building MT Programs

This past month has been very focused on music therapy. Having now been at my new job for 6 weeks, my music therapy-ness has recharged into turbo speed – gathering and implementing new MT interventions, learning new songs, researching, and creating goals and visions. I have finally settled into a new routine, but I have been working endlesslyContinue reading “5 Considerations When Building MT Programs”

How To: Start Your Own Business – The Thoughts

Two weeks ago, I announced that I was going to pursue a dream of mine by opening my own piano studio. Here are the thoughts I encountered as I went through my 2 weeks “officially” working on the steps to achieve this dream. 1. “Whoo! I announced my dream and I never imagined this many peopleContinue reading “How To: Start Your Own Business – The Thoughts”