Iso-Principle in “Inside Out”

Over my Christmas holiday, I re-watched the Pixar movie “Inside Out” with my family. I saw the movie back in June when it first came out in theaters and, of course, loved it. I was in awe of its complexities and the profound discussion about emotions, the brain, and personalities. But there is so muchContinue reading “Iso-Principle in “Inside Out””

Mental Health Session Ideas

It’s been awhile since I posted any new session ideas or resources for interventions. Last time I showcased some ideas, I was working primarily with clients with developmental disabilities. Now that I’m working full-time in mental health care, my thought processes have changed a bit. Below are some ideas I have had a lot ofContinue reading “Mental Health Session Ideas”

Change the Way You Think about Mental Health

With my new job, I’ve certainly been in the thick of things related to mental health. Working in healthcare related to psychiatric disorders is fascinating, as each day and experiences are fairly different. Although a patient might come into the hospital with the same diagnosis as another patient, their symptoms and traits might be veryContinue reading “Change the Way You Think about Mental Health”

5 Considerations When Building MT Programs

This past month has been very focused on music therapy. Having now been at my new job for 6 weeks, my music therapy-ness has recharged into turbo speed – gathering and implementing new MT interventions, learning new songs, researching, and creating goals and visions. I have finally settled into a new routine, but I have been working endlesslyContinue reading “5 Considerations When Building MT Programs”

What’s The Worry About “Balance”?

Three weeks ago, I started a new job. Three weeks ago, I started grad school. Three weeks ago, I stopped sleeping. (Not really, but I certainly don’t get the same amount as I used to). While adjusting to all these new changes, I’ve been thinking about the ways in which I am supposed to “balance”Continue reading “What’s The Worry About “Balance”?”

The Importance of Inspiration

This past week was one that I would consider to be emotionally and intellectually overwhelming – in the best of ways. I took a trip up to Boston to begin my orientation and introduction to the Master of Arts in Music Therapy program at Berklee College of Music. When I left home, my stomach wasContinue reading “The Importance of Inspiration”

Resources That Are Working

A.K.A. My shoutout to Pinterest I know that it’s been summer for awhile now, and that actually, it’s beginning to draw to a close, but “summer” (or vacation) has just begun for me. The last couple of weeks have been mildly chaotic (in my brain) between trying to rearrange schedules with clients, adding more clientsContinue reading “Resources That Are Working”

Interventions That Are Working

In the past couple of months I’ve settled into a bit of a rhythm with my group sessions at the developmental disabilities agency. The clients who participate in music therapy choose to do so each week by signing up the day before. They are free to attend every week but they aren’t required to. I’ve receivedContinue reading “Interventions That Are Working”

Sessions That Are Working

Before the holiday weekend this past week, I had an newsworthy session with my most challenging client – let’s call her T. A few days before our scheduled session, I received an exciting text from a family member of T’s saying, “She has been waking up the last 3 mornings and verbalizing ‘mo’ for ‘Good Morning’!Continue reading “Sessions That Are Working”

How To: Start Your Own Business – The Thoughts

Two weeks ago, I announced that I was going to pursue a dream of mine by opening my own piano studio. Here are the thoughts I encountered as I went through my 2 weeks “officially” working on the steps to achieve this dream. 1. “Whoo! I announced my dream and I never imagined this many peopleContinue reading “How To: Start Your Own Business – The Thoughts”