MusicTherapyTime Feedback

As I am spending time revamping and revitalizing MusicTherapyTime as a platform, I am very interested in learning more about what type(s) of content would be the most helpful to YOU. I have primarily used this website and blog over the past 7 years for my own agenda, but I’d love to learn more aboutContinue reading “MusicTherapyTime Feedback”

Recommended Music therapy Resources

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I haven’t been fully present on this platform over the last two years. As one Instagram follower lovingly put it a number of months ago, “Wow…it’s been awhile.” I’ve gone back and forth trying to pinpoint what exactly has been challenging about this particular space for me. DependingContinue reading “Recommended Music therapy Resources”

Music Therapy and Acute care rehab

Part 2 of Collaboration in Medical Music Therapy One of the more recognizable aspects of music therapy is the ease in which it connects with rehab therapies. This is likely because rehab therapies exist in a number of settings outside of the inpatient, medical world and because music therapy can adapt rehab goals within music.Continue reading “Music Therapy and Acute care rehab”

Collaboration in Medical Music Therapy

One of the unexpected blessings from all that has occurred over the past year has been the amount of time to myself. I’m not talking about the time spent self-quarantining. I’m talking about the number of months I’ve been able to independently return to the roots of music therapy. There are always unexpected benefits toContinue reading “Collaboration in Medical Music Therapy”

How to continue to adapt (when you’re likely pretty burnt out)

I used to journal often. I had beautiful penmanship and a writing strength that could withstand sitting at my desk for hours. I relished the nonjudgmental outlet of documenting my thoughts and feelings that later turned into time capsules where all memories could be relived. I haven’t really felt a desire to journal for theContinue reading “How to continue to adapt (when you’re likely pretty burnt out)”

The Heart of Music therapy

A couple of years ago, I was approached by a film producer interested in documenting and telling short stories about wellness. His goal was to tell stories of wellness and integrative medicine from a variety of perspectives and music therapy had captured his interest. I spent a number of months working back and forth withContinue reading “The Heart of Music therapy”

If You’re Not Essential, You’re Not a Failure

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince In my last post, I wrote about our ever-changing need to redefine how we think about this concept ofContinue reading “If You’re Not Essential, You’re Not a Failure”

Keep Thinking Essentially

The concept of being a healthcare worker is a strange one. When a crisis hits, most people run away, but a healthcare worker runs towards it. In unprecedented times like this, what it means to be a frontline person is evolving daily. A couple of weeks ago, just as COVID-19 was entering the U.S., IContinue reading “Keep Thinking Essentially”

Your Ideas Are Worth Something

I had an opportunity recently to listen to to a talk by Ira Glass about his work in journalism and in telling stories. I’ve been a fan of “This American Life” for a number of years, especially during my time working in hospice care and needing something other than music to listen to during myContinue reading “Your Ideas Are Worth Something”

Back to School: Philosophical Approaches

#4: Philosophical Approaches One of my favorite aspects of training interns is assisting students in defining their professional identity. As a music therapy student, you are taught the various ways in which one can practice music therapy but are often only exposed to a couple of approaches. Each therapist has the opportunity to define whoContinue reading “Back to School: Philosophical Approaches”