About Me

Erin-137-2Erin Seibert, MA, MT-BC: I am a music therapist seeking to better understand myself and others through the use of music and the practice of everyday perception and regard.

I like my husband, my cat, and to share my homemade cookies with friends.

Born and bred in one hippie town (Olympia, WA), living in another (St. Petersburg, FL).

Contact: erin@musictherapytime.com

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I watched your youtube video and was inspired. Right now, I am writing a research paper and soon will be presenting a power point on music therapy, which I am very passionate about. I believe what you are doing is amazing. I hope I can inspire my class just like you have inspired me.


  2. Hi!
    There are just so many things to say… but I’ll try and start with the basic: I’ve recently had the great pleasure of stumbling over your Ted Talk; I felt tremendously encouraged not only to chase after the change I’ve been dreaming to be a part of, but actually, you’ve inspired me to pursue Music Therapy.
    I’ve been interested in it for a while now, but it’s very difficult to be completely sure if this is what I want follow as a career, when there’s no ‘sign’ of it, no opportunity, no chance to meet professionals in the area… basically, people here in Brazil have no idea how great Music Therapy is.
    Thus, i’d like to thank you for all of that: for setting this compelling fire into my soul.
    Keep on spreading the wonders music can do in our lifes. It’s trully wonderfull to wacth.
    ( By the way, I’m very sorry for any mistakes and being kind of repetitve/ confusing. English is not my first language, as expected- since i’m brazilian. But, I’m trying ).

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  3. Hi Erin! I’m a UK music therapist based in London and just came across your TED talk. It’s brilliant! I am definitely with you on the journey to change the world in respect of the crucial role Music Therapy plays in healthcare. I am just in the process of starting my own website and blog. Yours looks great, very insightful! Am looking forward to reading more of your posts! Let’s keep spreading the power of music!


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