My TEDx Talk

I’m happy to announce that in November of 2015, I had the opportunity to give a talk at a local TEDx event. If you had asked me previous to the experience if I ever thought I would give a TED talk, I would have said, “Ha, sure; maybe in 20 years”. I entirely have my husband to thank (blame) for this opportunity as he was the one who saw the initial flyers advertising applications and who believed that I had something interesting to share with the community, and ultimately, the internet world.

TEDx events are smaller, independently run, versions of a larger TED conference that is held each year. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and the program runs with the intentions of spreading ideas. TEDx events are run by an independent organization at the local level to help create a “TED-like” community. The event that I participated in took place at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (TedxUSFSP).

The applications were due immediately upon my return from my first visit to Berklee and orientation to the music therapy graduate program. I was full of renewed inspiration for the field of music therapy and motivated by my colleagues’ achievements and contributions to the world. I wrote about the experience here. I had a lot of things to say, and was willing to go out on a limb to share it with others. I applied for the TEDx event, thinking that if nothing else, I had at least tried. When I was notified that I had been invited to speak, I was definitely surprised. I then realized that I had signed up to not only give a speech to 100 people in the community, but that my speech had the potential to be heard by people all over the world. My talk would become a part of this inspirational collection of professionals, leaders, and motivators from across the globe. My talk would be accessible to anyone at anytime.

I set out to write immediately.

What I wanted to create was something that could become a resource for music therapists. There have been many wonderful TEDx talks on music therapy by our colleagues and many of them highlight the specialties and unique abilities of these music therapists. But I wanted to provide something that explained the basics. I wanted to express why music therapy deserves to be a household name.

The act of giving the talk was a whirlwind. I had forgotten until in the moment how much I love to give in-services on music therapy and (I admit it) be on the stage. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people, share the world of music therapy to strangers, and to hear the many other fantastic talks. It is mildly nerve-wracking to know that my talk is out there for all the world to hear and see, but I am pleased with what was expressed. I hope you will appreciate it too.

It is perfect timing that the video for my talk became available this week. January is Music Therapy Advocacy month on social media. Please feel free to share this talk with other music therapy professionals, clinicians, administrators, family members, friends, anyone! Let’s spread the word on what music therapy is, how we can better include it in our healthcare world, and encourage its inclusion as a household name.


3 responses to “My TEDx Talk”

  1. Hello Erin ~ Thank you for your Tedx Talk for Music Therapy. And thank you for this blog. Your words – spoken and written, so resonate with me. I have only had time to read your entry on “Inside Out”, which I recently watched while thinking of our Baby Grands and all the emotions they reveal to us in their amazing development. The scene you depicted was one that continues to reverberate. You are an exceptional communicator in this beautiful anciently new process of taking Music inside and out.


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