Let’s Talk About Iso-Principle: Part 2 – The Questions

Last week I introduced and reviewed the topic of iso-principle. If you missed that post, you might want to head back to it here so that you are on the same page with me. I broke down my thoughts and opinions on the topic because I wanted to discuss something even more important: all of myContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Iso-Principle: Part 2 – The Questions”

Let’s Talk About Iso-Principle: The Introduction

First off, an explanation of iso-principle is needed. The phrase “iso-principle” is specific to music therapy and was coined by a music therapist pioneer in the 1950’s. The most straightforward definition I have found is this: “[Iso-principle is] a technique by which music is matched with the mood of a client, then gradually altered to affectContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Iso-Principle: The Introduction”

Accepting Defeat

How do you practice self-care during the days when you feel defeated? This used to be in easier answer when I was younger and I could answer in a heartbeat: music. Duh. Music was my strongest outlet of emotional expression, social connection, and way to analyze the confusion of growing up. Now, however, music is my professional life. ThisContinue reading “Accepting Defeat”

Some Original Intervention Ideas

During the past month, I’ve really been trying to create at least one original intervention/song for my sessions with my adults with IDD. Mostly, this is due to the fact that I’ve been trying to revamp my sessions and work on appropriate goals with these particular clients (which I’ve already hashed out in this blog post). WhenContinue reading “Some Original Intervention Ideas”