Getting Started…

Music therapy can often be a lonely setting for a music therapist. No matter how many clients or patients you may work with in a day, sometimes you come home and feel like you haven’t spoken to anyone all day. Often this is because you’re always “on” while working, and never have the opportunity to interact with a colleague all day.

When you work alone, you find that you end up keeping all your thoughts throughout the day to yourself, and at the end of the day, have to express everything all at once for the sheer necessity of talking. However,  when the one person who has to hear every detail about your day has to hear it every day, it can get tiring.

Thank you to my husband for listening to every story, moment, and thought I’ve had for the last 6 months, but enough is enough. I need to create my own colleagues if I don’t have the option of having them while I work.

So here I am.

Here are my goals for future posts and the purpose of the blog as a whole

1. To document my stories, thoughts, successes, and challenges related to music therapy.

2. To share my intervention ideas and session plans to have as a record for myself, and a resource for others.

3. To contribute to the online presence about music therapy to help educate others on the benefits and importance of the practice.

4. Lastly, to keep my sanity and to fuel my expression. And to save my husband from it all.

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